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About us - thanks to....

Peter Chalcraft:
Our thanks to former club secretary Pete. A thankless task undertaken for the past few seasons. Always willing to help out as seen this season marking out the pitch. Enjoy your big, fat redundancy cheque and year away travelling Pete, and keep up to date with the side by checking the site while you're abroad.

Amusing Fact: Once engaged to a hardcore pornstar (I kid you not)!

Pete Chalcraft


Jason Byrne:
With limited chances for appearances since the strengthening of the squad, Jason has shown his loyal support by running the line for us week in, week out, home and away, rain or shine, for the last few seasons.

Amusing Fact: He wanks a lot.

Jason Byrne


John Barnett:
Landlord of The Chequer Inn and sarcastic bastard of the century. Sorry about the photo John, but if you refuse to pose for the camera then you pay the consequences.

Amusing Facts: Despite the pub's leaky urinals John is a trained Plumber. He also looks like Klaus Topmoller's twin, bald brother!



Paul Baker:
Our main team sponsor, Paul is also a loyal supporter of the club and provides our refreshments every week and we thank him for his continued support.

Amusing Fact: He strongly resembles a ginger Laurent Blanc.



Pete Humphreys:
'Kid' has kindly supplied us with all the materials to mark out the pitch this season free of charge - cheers Pete.

Amusing Fact: He appeared as an extra in Dr Who & Monty Python's Flying Circus.





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