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Match report:

Ajax Kings Arms 4 - 3 The Chequer F.C.

The Chequer threw away the chance to go joint top with Goring Thistle on Sunday despite leading 3-0 with 20 minutes to go. Chequer are masters of the late second half collapse and true to form they left with no points when three easy, if undeserved, points had seemed more likely.

Our first goal arrived after half an hour - a clearance by goalkeeper David Kennett was chased by hard working Aaron Comber, who scored a fantastic left footed finish from just inside the 18 yard area. This was quickly followed by a left foot half volley from Lewis Partridge, and a third goal by Si Price, when for once he wasn't fouled. The first 2 goals came in quick succession and against the run of play, Chequer finding it hard to pass the ball around on a terrible, boggy pitch, and Ajax could consider themselves very unfortunate to be three down at half time.

The game changed largely due the withdrawal of left back Gareth Dutton with a groin injury. Substitute Jonathan Wood got exposed as early as his second minute filling in when a clear hack at an opponents ankles should have seen Ajax awarded a penalty.

In the second half our midfield seemed to stop playing and Ajax were given too much room in the centre of the park. Combined with a weakness at left back Ajax began to look threatening. We were still leading 3-0 with 20 minutes to go when Ajax's first goal came. Jonathan Wood's attempted back-pass fell short for an Ajax forward to stab home from 6 yards. He was getting caught out of position, so Tom Pickford was switched to left back (a position he has filled at county level) in the hope of strengthening the back four. It didn't work though because a hung-over Tom, and several other players who thought the game was won stopped playing. Ajax went on to score three more, all created from the right wing, including a winner with a minute to go as the Chequer Midfield stood and watched Ajax attack and didn't bother to chase back.

All credit to Ajax, they never gave up, showed determination and self-belief, even when they should have been dead and buried. If we had had 50% of their character this game would have been sown up at half time.

Certain players should be ashamed of their atrocious attitude and effort today. We could have gone joint top, even only if because we have played more games than anyone else, 5 points clear of Ajax - instead we are now a point behind in third. This is a team game and it thoroughly pisses me off to see two or three players not try when their team-mates are giving their all.

A special mention must go to Sean Hourigan, who once again was outstanding at centre-half. This is already his fourth man of the match award and he for one didn't deserve to be on the losing side today.

David Kennett
Adam Price
Sean Hourigan
Steve Duffett
Gareth Dutton
(Jonathan Wood 40)
Lewis Partridge
Danny Gainsford
Adam Searle
Tom Pickford
Si Price
Aaron Comber

Jonathan Wood (40)
Richard Wilkie

Sean Hourigan



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